Recolight Heading
Committed to increasing the number of Gas Discharge Lamps that get recycled, EEW, in partnership with Recolight, have installed a Free of charge lamp recycling collection point for Businesses, Contractors and Consumers to recycle their energy saving light bulbs, making lamp recycling as simple and efficient as possible.

Leave your old lamps with us and we will ensure they get recycled with Recolight, the UK's specialist compliance scheme for lamps
Recolight was established by the UK lamp industry in 2005 as a not for profit company, primarily for the purpose of operating a WEEE Compliance Scheme on behalf of Lamp Producers in the UK.

Recolight is unique in the WEEE industry, in undertaking recycling far in excess of its legal obligations. This reflects the organisation's, and its members' genuine commitment to maximising the recycling of lamps. They have funded the recycling of over 100 million lamps since July 2007 - the equivalent of filling the Royal Albert Hall three and a half times, or recycling one lamp every second!
The energy saving bulbs will be collected by Recolight, separated into its individual components of glass, plastic, and metal and recycled to make new items. The mercury from each bulb is safety removed and recycled too.

The banks are specially designed to safely accept and store bulbs that will be collected by Recolight. Please open the chute and carefully place the light bulbs loose inside the drawer. They will safely roll into a storage area inside the bank.

Our bank is located in the car park to the left of our building. Please feel free to use our facilities to dispose of your CFL's. To find us visit our Contact Us page for map and directions.

For more information about WEEE regulations, the benefits of recycling and how it can effect you, ask us in store or visit
Collection Bank